Things that You Can Do if You’re Facing Discrimination at Work 

Every employee has the right to work in an environment that isn’t toxic or stressful. Sadly, the reality isn’t all rosy and shiny. New Jersey is a free state that allows employers to fire an employee without giving any prior notice. It can make the workplace very hostile confinement for some workers. 

Since the law has specific sections that empower employers, there’s a general misconception that employees do not have any rights at all. However, the law isn’t unfair, it’s just misunderstood! Employees too have rights. It’s just that they’re mostly unaware of those rights. 

If you or any member of your family has been removed from the job or are being mistreated or exploited, it’s about time that you contact an employment lawyer in Morristown. These attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of both federal employees and state employees. 

The grounds that are unlawful and a direct offense to the law, and can put an employer/organization in a lot of trouble are as follows. 

Racial and Ethnic Discrimination at Workplace 

It’s the duty of the employer and management to ensure that no employee ever has to face discrimination based on their race or ethnicity. If it happens, the employee can sue the company and file a harassment lawsuit.

Discrimination based on Sex and Age

Women are mostly the targets of sex-based discrimination. 

  1. They’re paid less than their male peers working in the same position are being paid.
  2. They’re denied a chance at promotion because they’re considered incapable of handling the position because of their gender. 

The next horrendous discrimination happens in the form of prejudice against 40-something employees. Despite they’re fit to work, they’re either demoted or even fired purely based on the assumption that their age might hinder their performance. 

Both these cases of discrimination are taken very seriously by the court. 

Discrimination Due to Disability and Pregnancy 

Looking down upon a disabled employee is very common workplace discrimination in New Jersey. If the law categorizes a particular form of disability to be not treated as a ground of rejection, then rejecting employees just because they don’t look or behave in a certain way is illegal. 

Next comes the plague of treating pregnancy as a form of disability. As a matter of fact, if the doctor declares a pregnant woman fit to work, the employers have no legal right to fire that employee solely based on the assumption that pregnancy might reduce the performance. 

That being said, some other forms of discrimination and exploitation that are equally sad include the following:

  1. Sexual harassment.
  2. Retaliation and revenge firing because the employee was a whistle-blower. 
  3. Underpaying and making employees overwork beyond the legal working hours. 

If you believe that you’ve put through any of these workplace hassles, seek the help of an employment attorney as soon as you can! 

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