How To Choose Your Camping Tent?

If you have ever camped, you know how the choice of a camping tent is crucial to having a great experience. You also know how it can mess things up and make for a not-so-good experience. So, if you want to know how to choose your tent, stay with us in this article that we have prepared to tell you all about it or you can check on Replogle Globes for instance to learn more.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Camping Tent

It may seem obvious, but where you’re going to camp and how you plan to get there says a lot about what your tent should look like. Will you be able to reach the chosen location by car? By motorcycle or bicycle? Or just on foot?

The answer to this question directly influences the weight of the chosen camping tent. Can you imagine carrying a heavy tent on your back uphill? Not to mention all the other accessories that you will also need to bring, such as a camping mat, flashlight, clothes, food, and even a folding camping table, depending on the length of your stay and the structure you want to have.

So, plan your camp well, and find out about the location and how you will get there. Then, decide on a tent with the right weight for your transportation.

How Big Should The Camping Tent Be?

It seems common sense among experts and camping enthusiasts that it is a good idea to choose a tent that is larger than the number of people who will sleep inside it. So, if you are going to camp alone, choose a tent like Moon Replogle Globes for example for two people. If you go with a companion, choose a size that accommodates three people, and so on. Currently, tents accommodate 2, 4, 6, 8 or more people, so the variety is almost as wide as the possibilities! But, as we are all different, you may only take what you need, while a tent mate carries everything and then some. Take this into account to avoid experiencing stress – and squeezing – while traveling.

Rain Or Shine

Researching the weather forecast should be part of your camping travel plans. But none of us are free of the unexpected, so choosing a waterproof tent is an excellent idea to keep you and your belongings from waking up wet. There is a feature called the water column, a test that checks how well a fabric can resist water. Look for this information on the tent you want to buy, and remember: the higher the number of water columns, the more waterproof the fabric will be.

An important detail often overlooked when choosing a tent is the fabric seams: they must be sealed to prevent water ingress. Virtually all tents come with seams sealed, but it doesn’t hurt to check to avoid surprises later. Finally, when we talk about protection and waterproofing in tents, an item that often appears in research is the overproof, which offers an extra layer of protection against rain.

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