All Of The Globe Together In The Virtual Escape Room Singapore

An escape room that brought teams together now has the globe trapped inside a room. The virtual nature of game rooms has allowed for a new door to open. And the world of Virtual Escape Room Singapore is very much a mirror of reality. Be it the pyramids or some random ruins; their virtual platform is set to transport you directly from the comfort of your home.

The pax enigma 

This one finds a hard resolution with most people. Because it is the per player cost + tax enigma. And the tax part of it is where the challenges come in. Usually, this amount charged is kept ambiguous and can suck the fun out of the game. Virtual Escape Room Singapore, however, is upfront about it, with the pax price displayed clearly on their webpage.

They don’t give you the chance to direct your attention towards unwanted puzzles. Instead, they’ve got real ones waiting to take you away.

What makes their puzzles puzzling?

  • Well planned- All the escape room puzzles know how to pose a challenge. With their misleading nature, they get teams to work together. The only way to crack them is to think hard and fast.
  • Creatively demanding- These sly puzzles don’t resolve themselves with ordinary solutions. They are made for players to operate at the edge of their abilities and develop unique solutions.
  • Illusory- Everything is not as it seems here in this escape room. The tricks work especially well in misdirecting the players from the actual clues. A keen eye is needed to get to the bottom of it.

As easy as a breeze

It’s just the games that are complicated and not the way inside. Virtual Escape Room Singapore puts all of its efforts into walking a potential customer through, start to finish. The host of the game acts like a know-it-all friend. Your way into this funfair is just a questionnaire away.

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