Understanding the Impact of FASTag on Environment and Traffic

FASTag is a sticker that is mandatory to be attached to the vehicle’s windshield. It employs RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for making payments from a prepaid account connected to the FASTag device. You can buy FASTag and recharge it from any designated digital platform or bank website. As it is rechargeable, it provides the advantage of longevity.

Note that, the Fastag sticker can be easily scanned at any tollbooth, which enables the toll fee to get automatically debited from your account. Such automatic fee deductions permit quick movement of vehicles through the tollbooth, efficiency in toll fee collection and most importantly benefits the environment in several ways. Here are 3 major ways:

Reduced carbon emissions

Using FASTag saves fuel, which means reduced carbon emission. Saving fuel directly results in carbon emission reduction. It is a massive achievement given the fact that the transport industry in India is one of the biggest carbon emitters. Thus, FASTag is a perfect way of mass/community contribution towards global environment conservation.

Additionally, it eases transportation of products/goods. It makes it simpler to transport the perishable items across different cities for the farmers. Through FASTag, not just the incomes of the farmers are enhanced but also the goods are not wasted. A reduction in food waste is one of the major contributions towards carbon emission reduction.

Reduced paper usage

Besides lowering carbon emissions as well as saving fuel, FASTag even helps reduce paper usage, which is the next crucial environmental benefit. As per statistics, paper accounts for nearly 26% of overall waste at the landfills globally. Excessive paper production results in deforestation, utilizes massive amounts of water and energy and contributes to waste and air pollution. A reduction in paper bills can limit excessive paper use. FASTag is a prudent step here as it promotes digital payment.

Reduced noise pollution

The FASTag system reduces noise pollution. Endless traffic jams for physical toll fee collection near poll booths result in more honking. Implementation of FASTag helps traffic to flow seamlessly as toll fee is deducted automatically, which thereby results in reduced noise pollution.

Bottom line

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made it mandatory for all vehicles from 15th February 2021 midnight to buy FASTag. It is compulsory for all N and M category vehicles passing the tollbooth to have a FASTag. M category refers to the 4-wheeler vehicle carrying passengers while N category includes the 4-wheeler vehicle used for carrying products/goods. It means that if you do not have a functional FASTag attached to your vehicle, you will have to pay twice the toll fee at the booth. Note that the FASTag process is very simple. You just need to visit the banks’ website or any e-commerce platform online to purchase it. Alternatively, you can also download my FASTag app to purchase or recharge FASTag. So, why wait? Harness the benefits of this payment mode and make your drive seamless, pollution free and paperless.

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