The Best 3 Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Marketing is selling and promoting services or products to clients. Digital marketing is the same industry but the difference is the digital marketing promotes products and services though digital devices such as smartphones and computers. If you enroll in the field of digital marketing, then you’ll rely on subways ads or billboards, you’ll instead promote products and services by attacking certain audience and customers by using blog posts, internet ads, emails, text message and many other online methods.

Digital marketing also includes other marketing methods like phone marketing, television and radio marketing as well, it’s not an online methods but it still involves digital devices too. Finding a good job opportunity in digital marketing field is not hard, and it welcomes fresh graduates in many entry-level marketing jobs. This field will give you the chance to learn a variety of on-the-job skills, skills previously owned could be a source of help but some skills are only exceled after you actually start working in a specific marketing job. There are plenty of jobs which are suitable and fit for fresh graduates.

Here are the best jobs in the digital marketing field:

  1. Digital Marketer position

Digital marketers are also known as generalists. This job is easily found at a smaller start up level or in a new company which is still building and establishing their digital marketing team. Being a digital marketer means you’ll be responsible for switching gears quickly as well as making daily effective decisions in getting the job done without wasting time. Digital markets usually do a variety of tasks, writing emails, creating proposals partnership with sponsors, writing newsletters and also manage paid ads.

  • If you enter this job position and make great effective decisions which shows real progress then you might get promoted for a growth market position. Growth marketer position are heavier on optimization and technical hacks which helps companies in growing rapidly faster without doing paid and superior efforts.
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  1. SEO Specialist

SEO is also a process of search engines optimization. It also means setting up a website in a special way which makes it much easier for people to find your website when audience searches for your business or related terms. The basic role in SEO field is that they must know how to perfectly conduct keyword research and turning what they discover into a great SEO strategy. SEO specialists need to be very aware of using tracking tools like Google search console and Google analytics, SEO specialists will deal with these tracking tools on daily basis.

  • SEO specialists are paid good salary rates; the market requires plenty of processional SEO specialists.
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  1. Social media Manager

Social media managers are also known as social media coordinators. Social media managers are not only checking popular social media platforms like Facebook or Pintrest, their role is bigger than that. They’ll be responsible for setting a strategy for growing and engaging social media following, across multiple platforms. Social media managers usually works closely with content creators , designer and ad managers in order to share and promote content which attracts new users and bigger audience , and also helps customers to use a bran massively and fully trust the brand you’re creating. The position of Community manager is somehow related, but the difference is that community managers concentrates on the satisfaction level and happiness of the customers, their interest is about their current customers not about attracting new users to their brand.

  • Social media manager’s positions are in demand, recruiters and hiring managers are always interested in adding valuable social media managing skills to their brand.
  • If you’re related to this field, and you’re a professional in attracting new users and you can efficiency reach out to audience, and then this job is perfectly fit for you. Visit and invest in your skills in the huge world of digital marketing!

There are plenty of entry level jobs in the field of digital marketing, but the mentioned jobs are the best. Digital marketing field development is increasing day after day, which can actually lead to more new jobs creation. This field is a great field to enroll in; salary rates, benefits and growth are easy aspects to detect in such industries. If you’re thinking whether it’s a good choice or not to enter this massive growing field, then you’re certainly on the right track. These fields are always a wining deal for many reasons , but the main reason why digital marketing field superiors among other fields is that its growing rapidly and will grow even  more in the upcoming years and on the long future run …

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