How To Achieve The Perfect Bespoke Packaging For Your Brand [Examples & Tips]

Designing packaging for shipping boxes for instance that succeeds in retaining your customers is a decisive factor in the success of your brand. In today’s commerce ecosystem, the container is as important as the content.

While some companies are looking for the most low-cost solutions because they sell everyday products (food, etc.) or products from other brands, others are willing to invest a little more in packaging as a measure to highlight a unique product.

How Bespoke Packaging Can Enhance Your Brand Image

Branding is important, but first, you must have a good product. Ensure your product meets a need and understand why it’s better than the competition. Consumers may buy a product because its packaging is remarkable, but custom packaging will not be enough to induce a second purchase if the product is not good. We are sure you already have this aspect well thought out and established. Now is the time to complete the half of the equation.

For the majority of startups, the packaging is paramount. It must be sufficiently original, sufficiently attractive, and able to arouse enough emotion to convince consumers:

To take it and put it in their baskets

Take pictures and share them on social networks

To tell their friends

To remember your brand and repurchase again and again

With bespoke packaging, you can let your imagination run wild with out-of-the-ordinary shapes and constructions, unique textures to the touch, and extras that add even more value.

The different custom packaging designs you can adopt

One of the first features to consider when designing your custom packaging box is its shape and design.

Among these forms, we can cite the following:

  • drawer box
  • collapsible box
  • magnetic flap box
  • rigid box

Drawer Box

A drawer box designates a type of packaging consisting of two parts. A slightly larger outer part that functions as a sleeve for the inner bottom that can be slid in and out. This packaging box is ideal for special printing finishes – lamination, embossing, hot stamping, UV varnishes, and embellishments such as ribbons. Drawer boxes can be used for high-end lingerie, clothing accessories, glasses, or jewelry.

Foldable Box

Collapsible or collapsible boxes are ideal for cosmetics, candles, socks, etc.

Magnetic Flap Box

A magnetic box such as in Brandt Box for example is a perfect way to please customers who plan to reuse it often. In addition, the construction of magnetic boxes is stronger than ordinary cardboard packaging.

Rigid Case Box

A rigid presentation box combines a solid construction (in reinforced cardboard) and an uncompromising presentation of your product. In the image below, you can see the characteristic texture of cardboard, painted in dark color and finished with a golden touch. It is an ideal choice for a jewelry brand, for example. Just add an interior compartment to stabilize your artwork and delight your customers.

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