6 Best Noise Barrier Manufacturing Companies

Sound or noise barriers are the methods used to reduce noise or eliminate the entry of noise to any specific area. It uses a high-density layer that separates sound and prevents it from entering any locality. It acts as the barrier between the noise source and the controlled area with the help of noise barrier materials such as limpness, flexibility, combined mass, and flexible loaded vinyl. In the same way, the use of highway noise barriers is to prevent highway noise from entering any specific area or locality.

Mentioning, below: are some of the top noise barrier manufacturers in the USA based on users’ ratings and reviews.

1. Noise Barriers, LLC

Noise Barriers, LLC is a noise barrier manufacturing company operating from Libertyville, IL. The company uses high-quality materials to provide a wide range of industrial and architectural sound control solutions. It offers heat-resistant materials with the option of custom sizing.

2. Netwell Noise Control

Netwell Noise Control is serving from Bloomington, MN. The company specializes in providing soundproofing solutions with the help of effective sound absorbers, sound barriers, and techniques. They provide specific soundproofing solutions with the help of acoustic panels and 60+ different soundproofing materials that are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

3. Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control Inc. is operating from Dublin, OH. The company shares an experience of more than half a century in providing innovative solutions for noise reduction and soundproofing. Their products and systems consist of: Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Systems, Floor Isolation Systems, HVAC SIlencers, Acoustic Enclosures, and Barrier Walls.

4. R&M Equipment Company

R&M Equipment is the highway noise barrier equipment providing company being operational from Pottstown, PA. They provide both gas and air blowers in a variety of ranges such as All-Star Regenerative Blowers, Continental Centrifugal Blowers, Kaeser Plant Air Compressors, and Roots PD Blowers.

5. Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety has been operating in the industry since 1950 from Chicago, IL. The company works to create strip curtains, industrial curtains, noise control systems, and safety screens. It has also been providing products such as fire equipment blankets and covers, vinyl strip products, sound stopper noise control glide wall partitions, and welding screens.

6. BRD Noise and Vibration/ Hushcore

BRD Noise and Vibration is the company being operational from Wind Gap, PA. They provide services such as implementing quality solutions and controlling designs etc to the industrial clients of automotive, pulp and paper, and cement companies. The company offers services related to acoustical wall panels, noise control enclosures, acoustical foam, sound barriers, active noise controls, and full line noise control panels.


These are some of the highest-rated and high-performing highway noise barrier-related products and services providing companies. Hope this may have helped you to find the best solution for your needs and requirements. Noise pollution is always not tolerable, especially coming from highways. It is better to find an effective solution for this. Using the highway noise barrier is the best solution for this problem.

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